Art Transforming Trauma

A Window Between Worlds Therapy Program

An alternative to art therapy, A Window Between Worlds’ is a transformative healing arts program for trauma survivors of all ages.

CAPSEA’s goal is to provide a resource — the opportunity to create art in a safe environment — that can empower individuals and communities throughout the healing process.

The hands-on creation of art has been shown to reduce distress, increase self-reflection and self-awareness, alter behavior and thinking patterns, have positive physical effects and build resilience* — all of which play a key role in life transformation.

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*How Art Changes Your Brain

Check This Out!

CAPSEA's AWBW Program Artwork

Take a look at some of the recent artwork created by CAPSEA A Window Between Worlds therapy Program participants. 

There are hands-on art workshops for all age groups led by CAPSEA’s trained staff. 

Is A Window Between Worlds Therapy Right For You?

CAPSEA’s trained staff views A Window Between Worlds art counseling as a catalyst to release trauma, build resilience and replace violence and shame with safety and hope.

Each person’s experience is unique, but the CAPSEA staff is here to listen and to help. The AWBS program can be easily incorporated into the other forms of counseling and therapy that CAPSEA offers – including Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) Counseling.

Together, we will identify what combination of our services may be beneficial for your individual situation. Contact the CAPSEA staff at contact@capsea.org or 814-772-3838. We are here for you – every step of the way.

Special thank you to IU 28, for sponsoring CAPSEA’s A Window Between Worlds training and donating the art supplies utilized in the AWBW program.

Click here to learn more about IU 28. 

Think AWBW Might Be Right For you?

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