Emergency Shelter

The CAPSEA, Inc. program has been operating an emergency shelter since April 1988. Adult victims of violence and their children utilize the shelter when they need a safe haven away from abuse.

Permanent Housing Program

CAPSEA, Inc. provides permanent housing through scattered site apartments to families and individuals who are homeless, are victims of abuse, and also have a mental health diagnosis in Elk and Cameron counties. Program guidelines must be met and supportive services are offered. Length of stay is 36 months and the expected outcome is to transition to a Section 8 voucher or become self sufficient. For more information call, 772-5475.

Domestic Violence Program

The Domestic Violence Program component at CAPSEA, Inc. offers assistance with filing for Protection from Abuse Orders, crisis intervention, free confidential counseling support, options and referrals to victims of domestic violence and their children. One full-time and one part-time counselor/advocate is employed to provide these services to victims with accompaniment and transportation to medical services, court, legal proceedings, police, etc.

Sexual Assault Program (Elk & Cameron County)

The Sexual Assault program component as CAPSEA, Inc. offers crisis intervention, free confidential counseling, support, options and referrals to victims of sexual violence and their children. One(1) full-time counselor/advocate is employed to provide these services to victims. The Sexual Assault component also provides victims with accompaniment and transportation to medical services, court, legal proceedings, police, etc.

Elk County Homeless Assistance Program

The Homeless Assistance Program has funds to help provide assistance to individuals and families for rental assistance and security deposits. If you are homeless or near homelessness in Elk County because of eviction, foreclosure, or utility shut-off call us for a HAP application 814-772-3838.

Cameron County Homeless Assistance Program

Cameron county residents should contact the Northern Tier Community Action Corp at (800) 638-4670 for The Homeless Assistance Program resources.

Prevention Education Programs

CAPSEA, Inc provides educational programs/presentations to area schools, professionals, community groups and clubs. Topics include: CAPSEA, Inc services, domestic violence and sexual violence issues signs and symptoms of abuse, child abuse, the Elk County Victim/Witness program, plus many other topics relating to abuse and victimization. We are successful in our area schools with the “Hands are not for hurting” program. Internet Safety is another requested program that we offer. We truly believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of violence and expect an increase in the number of prevention education programs in the future. Contact CAPSEA for more programs that we offer.

Children’s Programs

This program is designed to help children understand issues of abuse in their families. The domestic violence and sexual violence counselor/advocates, shelter staff and volunteers work with children to help them realize that abuse is not their fault. Drawing, paintings, workings with clay, puppets and age appropriate videos are used within the children’s program at CAPSEA, Inc. The program works with children through local churches, community groups, and individuals as needed.

Support Groups

CAPSEA, Inc. facilitates support groups as needed. Support groups run approximately six(6) weeks and offer participants the chance to discuss their feelings, fears, and frustrations. The support group also consists of an educational session where members can watch videos or review handouts with discussion to follow.

Volunteering Component

The most common reason people volunteer is that they want to be useful and help others. CAPSEA, Inc. has a volunteer component within the organization and our volunteers serve as the, “backbone” of everything we do. CAPSEA, Inc. volunteers cover the 24 hour hotline and make certain that victims have access to life-saving services at all times. Volunteers can also work in the office, shelter and in the court system, the possibilities are endless! If you are interested in learning more about the CAPSEA, Inc. Volunteer Program and the training requirements, click here!