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CAPSEA aids Mother and Child

CAPSEA, Inc. recently helped a young mother and her pre-school child in our shelter. The woman has been victimized since she was a young child from terrible physical violence to horrendous child sexual assault from family members. Services provided by CAPSEA, Inc. helped this woman to finally feel safe, secure, and set some real goals for her future and her daughter’s future. Without CAPSEA, Inc. services and shelter, this woman and her child would most likely still be suffering the effects of domestic and sexual violence.

CAPSEA Advocates for Immigrant Families

CAPSEA, Inc. counselor / advocates and the services we provide helped three immigrant families and their children who otherwise would still be suffering in silence. These families are finally safe and able to choose options for themselves and their children. CAPSEA, Inc. guided them through the criminal justice system, provided emergency shelter, information, referrals to other human service agencies, and eventually gave them the confidence to pursue safe and affordable housing, support services, employment, and other skills for a positive future.

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