Job Posting

Board Member

The board of directors of CAPSEA, Inc. will govern with an emphasis on vision, strategic leadership, a clear distinction between board and chief executive roles, and proactive decision making.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  • Determining how the organization carries out its mission through long and short range planning and review
  • Adopting an annual budget and providing fiscal oversight
  • Recruiting, orienting and developing board members
  • Hiring and evaluating the performance of the executive director 
  • Evaluating board performance and the overall performance of the organization in achieving its mission
  • Establishing policies for the effective management of the organization

Responsibilities of Individual Directors

  • Understanding and promoting the organization’s mission
  • Being familiar with the organization’s programs and operations
  • Participating in resource development and fundraising
  • Advocating on behalf of the organization
  • Helping to educate the community
  • Reviewing board meeting materials before the meeting
  • Reviewing the organization’s Form 990 before its submission to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Identifying any potential conflicts of interest

Time Demands (approximate)

  • Attend and actively participate in at least 75% of bi-monthly board meetings
  • Committee work –as determined by the committee
  • Orientation for new board members 

Financial and Resource Development Expectations

  • Annual meaningful donation to the organization
  • Identify and assist in cultivation of potential donors

Delegation to the Executive Director

Once the board determines the desired strategic direction and establishes key governance policies, the executive director is charged with achieving those ends.  While adhering to the executive limitations, the executive director is then authorized to establish all further policies, make decisions, develop activities and take all prudent actions (means) to accomplish those ends. The executive director is responsible for the development and management of all operations within budgeted guidelines and policy guidelines.


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